How to Create a Best-Selling E-Book

How to Create a Best-Selling E-Book


Cover Your Ass: Foolproof Excuses for Any Occasion is a hit humor book available on Amazon, the Apple Bookstore, Google Play, Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores.

In this article we interview the author, Manly M. Mann, as to how he came up with the idea, how he got the e-book produced, and his insights on how would-be authors can best create and market their own e-book.

AllBusiness: Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Manly M. Mann: Well, as I say in the book, I am a New York Times best-selling author, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, and have sold over 100 million copies of my book in 125 countries (including Zimbabwe).

AB: Wow, that’s amazing!

Manly M. Mann: Yes. And, of course, none of that is remotely true. But since my book is about humorous excuses, I have a good excuse as to why I made that up. You will have to buy the e-book to get the answer.

cover your ass book coverAB: How did you come up with the idea for the book?

Manly M. Mann: I actually had the idea for a print book many years ago and prepared a comprehensive book proposal. I called it “The 999 Greatest Excuses Ever Invented.” I sent it to 15 publishers and got 16 rejection letters back. I then shelved the idea for a while, and then decided to resurrect it as an e-book because of the ease in creating and distributing e-books.

AB: Why did you decide to do the book as an e-book instead of going to a traditional print publisher?

Manly M. Mann: Traditional print publishers are slow and impose onerous terms on authors. And they do very little, if any, marketing of your book unless you already are an established best-selling author. I decided to publish as an e-book first, and then as a print book after a while.

AB: So what publishing platform did you use and why?

Manly M. Mann: I looked into various options and decided on Pronoun, which is now part of the huge publisher MacMillan. The Pronoun platform allowed me great flexibility, super attractive terms, and the ability to immediately get on Amazon, the Apple Bookstore, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other places. They also have a number of marketing tools and an online dashboard that allows me to get daily reports on my e-book sales. And I was able to keep the copyright to my work, which most traditional publishers will resist.

AB: Tell us a little more about the contents of the book.

Michael M. Mann: The concept is that we all get in trouble. We are late. We get caught speeding. We don’t get our homework in on time. So this book gives you humorous, foolproof excuses for any situation to “cover your ass” (hence the title).

The e-book includes pop art illustrations and scenarios. Examples of chapters include:

  • Why I Won’t Have Sex With You
  • Why I Can’t Come to Work
  • Why I Can’t Go to the Gym
  • Why I Sent You a Drunk Text
  • Why I Went Off My Diet

AB: What helpful tips would you give to aspiring authors?

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