the emperor’s new marketing plan

the emperor’s new marketing plan


In these fast-paced days of digital marketing, there’s a continuous stream of new technologies for marketers to get excited about.

It’s tempting for marketers to drop everything in favor of the shiny new thing. Our sense-checking isn’t always caught up with our enthusiasm. We risk being caught without our clothes. Or pretending like we see the clothes, when we don’t.

Mark Ritson recently summarized the provocative results of a poll from the World Federation of Advertisers:

“The WFA surveyed 50 of the world’s top marketers who, in terms of combined marketing spend, represent a potential £62bn of global ad spend.

“Despite the fact that 45% of all marketers can’t see the value of digital advertising, 75% aren’t convinced of its effectiveness and 72% think marketers have over invested in digital, a massive two-thirds of that same sample expect to move more of their marketing money in to digital next year – many by as much as much as 40%. The majority will spend more on digital advertising next year.

“Yeah I know. 75% aren’t convinced of its effectiveness yet 66% will invest more next year. Pause, consider this data, and gulp.”

Here are a couple other cartoons I drew about the shiny new thing:

“We’re Going Digital“ (April 2012)

“Shiny Object Syndrome“ (May 2015)

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