Introducing the New Merchant Overview Dashboard

Introducing the New Merchant Overview Dashboard


In sales, data is power. More data? More power to analyze, compare, act.

To boost your ability to make better, data-driven decisions at any time, we’ve made our Online Store Dashboard more comprehensive and effective, starting with this big change: if you’re a multi-channel merchant you’ll now have data from all your channels—not just your online store—right in front of you, in an easy-to-scan one-look overview.

In the coming days, we’ll be rolling out the new features to all merchants. If you don’t see the changes in your admin today, you’ll be seeing the improvements shortly.

Our Most Popular Reporting Feature, Now Even Better

The Online Store Dashboard is already the most-used reporting feature among merchants. We’ve now made it easier to use, with all of your insights in one place. You can now more easily compare data across time periods—for example, this week over last—and channels, and spot trends that can help inform business decisions. As you grow, your data needs become more complex, and your dashboard is now growing with you.

New informative charts let you compare the performance of your store and the metrics that matter to you over time. The dashboard is the perfect way to see all your channels and tactics in one place, and, if you’re a merchant on the Shopify, Advanced, or Plus plans, you can now dive deeper with reports.

Compare Data and Spot Trends in one Handy View

The new Merchant Overview Dashboard not only answers essential merchant questions, but reveals trends that let you gain important insights to make reality-driven actions.

Quickly find answers to your most common questions:

  • Where is my traffic coming from? Are certain sources more effective on certain days?
  • How are my sales trending today? Is there a pattern of daily trends I can act on?
  • What are my top performing products? Is there an opportunity to add skus or a line extension?
  • How are my marketing campaigns performing? Am I seeing trends based on days of the week?
  • What is my average order value? Did it change when I did or didn’t do something?
  • Which sales channel is performing the best? Should I add similar ones based on my trends?
  • What is my repeat customer rate? Is it time to consider retention strategies, like a newsletter?

With the ability to get an up-to-the-minute scan of your entire business anytime, you’ll feel more confident in acting to tweak and improve your strategies. And of course, we’re right there with you with advice, articles, and support to guide you.

We’re excited to put this powerful new tool in your hands. But it’s just the latest phase of a system that’s going to get even bigger and more responsive to your needs, putting more data and ways of making the most of it at your fingertips.

More power to you!

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